Its classification as a construction and consultancy company means it is able to carry out all manner of projects, whatever the level of complexity or budget. Therefore, JICAR S.A. undertakes a wide range of activities aimed at creating and maintaining communication links, which in this day and age are vital for the economic and social development of our towns and cities.

From the very beginning, we have stood out as a result of our constant drive to improve in the quality undertaking of each and every one of our projects.

Over the last few years, in order to diversify and continue to grow as a company, JICAR, S.A. has also entered into road maintenance and operation service contracts, hydraulic projects, water treatment projects, building projects and environmental projects, with notable examples in:

  • Comprehensive road maintenance.
  • Hydraulic projects.
  • Water treatment projects.
  • Building projects.
  • Environmental or special projects.