Obra Civil / Carreteras

Line of business that services all types of needs in sport facilities. This field is in full development and represents a high percentage of the company turnover.

Since 1992, many Town Councils and other official administrations, as well as several sport clubs, have put their trust in Jicar, S.A.

The company has a wide experience in sport facilities, which includes the following works:

Obras Inversión
Construction of the Municipal Football Stadium of Lucena, Phase I 2.799.137,94 €
Moriles.- Football pitch 438.693,38 €
Construction of a sports centre type 2-A. Iznajar 844.200 €
Improvement works to sport facilities in football pitch in Montemayor r 85.459,84 €  
Construction of sport facilities in Lucena (Cordoba) 2.500.000 €
Renovation and extension of sport facilities in the Municipal Sports Centre of Ecija 969.000 €
Construction of artificial turf football pitch and running track in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo 1.175.800 €
List of other sport facilities constructed by Jicar, S.A.
  • Installation of artificial turf in the football pitch of the sports centre "Antela Parada" in Alcobendas. Budget: 427,959.5 €. Town Council of Alcobendas.
  • Construction of the artificial turf football pitch "Las Ermitas", batch 1, in Manzanares del Real – Madrid. Budget: 398,275.77 €. Arpegio (Madrid).
  • Ground preparation in the Municipal Football Pitch in Pedrezuela. Batch 2 – Madrid. Budget: 408,919.5 €. Arpegio (Madrid).
  • Sport facilities in Cañete de las Torres. Budget: 90,000 €. Town Council of Cañete de las Torres.
  • Renovation of sport facilities, 1st phase, La Rambla. Budget: 150,000 €. Town Council of La Rambla.
  • Municipal Sports Centre of Santaella. Budget: 120,000 €. Provincial Council of Cordoba.
  • Technical Project to build the foundation of an indoor sports centre in Montemayor. Budget: 30,000 €. Town Council of Montemayor.