Civil Engineering

Over the last few years, JICAR, S.A. has entered into road maintenance and operation service contracts, hydraulic projects, water treatment projects, building projects and environmental projects, with notable examples being:

Hydraulic projects.

Consorcio aguas sur, increase in the conduction of water from La Carlota – Fuente Palmera

Renovation of the main supply pipe to Cabra and water supply works to the village of Santa Cruz

Water treatment projects.

Tender for the project and works of the “EL CAÑO” Water Treatment Plant in Espiel, in the province of Cordoba, including operation for one year.

Tender for the project and works of the Alcaudete Water Treatment Plant, for the amount of 2,028,921.27 €

Environmental or special projects.

Municipal Solid Waste Use and Recovery Plant in Montalbán, both civil engineering and recent inauguration, with an investment of 10,000,000

Provision of a comprehensive service to operate Epremasa’s C&D waste treatment plants in the province of Cordoba. Responsible for the total management of 6 treatment centres located across the province.